Global infrastructure assets such as toll roads, rail, gas, water distribution, hospitals among others provide essential services that are necessary for populations and economies to function, prosper and grow. They are considered as low-risk and inflation-protected, providing new sources of return and diversification of risk. Invest with complete peace of mind and receive at maturity 100% of your capital and a guaranteed minimum return of up to 12.5%.

Key Features

Crescendo Global Infrastructure provides you with 4 distinct and flexible investment options:

 USD 40USD 80MUR 140MUR 50
Minimum guaranteed return at maturity5% in USDNot ApplicableNot Applicable12.5% in MUR
Participation to performance40%80%140%50%
Minimum investment amountUSD 5,000USD 5,000MUR 150,000MUR 150,000
  • Generation of a consistent and stable cash flow stream
  • 100% Capital Guaranteed at maturity
  • Guaranteed minimum return of up to 12.5% [AR*: 2.4%] at maturity
  • Up to 140% participation to the Global Infrastructure strategy
  • Choice between MUR & USD denominations
  • Quarterly liquidity after first year

Subscription closed on April 15, 2015

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