Be confident in your retirement

For many of us, retirement might have different meanings. It can be working less, travelling, launch a new business venture or even migrating to another country. At MCB Capital Markets, our specialists accompany you in accurate planning through a range of dedicated funds to match your retirement age and goals.

Designed to match your retirement goals

  • Choose your retirement age
  • Boost your plan by making extra contributions whenever you want
  • Increase or decrease your monthly contributions
  • Automatic annual contribution escalation options by 5%, 10% or 15% to keep-up with inflation
  • Withdraw from your accumulated funds at any time

Tailored to your retirement lifestyle

SECURED INVESTMENTS: Transfer part or all of your investments to an MCB fixed deposit account - remunerated at a premium rate - five years before your planned retirement date.

INSURANCE COVER: Choose among three levels of insurance cover. The level term assurance will apply in case of death or total and permanent disability.

*Subscription to the MCB Retirement Plan entails investment being made through the following funds established under the MCB Unit Trust:

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