MCB Capital Markets

“The secret to our success is our exceptionally high standard of excellence and the fact that our customers and personnel are central to everything we undertake.”

Rony Lam, Chief Executive Officer, MCB Capital Markets

MCB Capital Markets is the investment banking, proprietary investment and investment management arm of MCB Group, the largest banking group in Mauritius. The company provides a broad range of services under one roof, including corporate finance advisory, asset management, stockbroking, private equity, real asset private equity, structured products and registry services.

Based in Mauritius, the team works with clients wishing to start or grow their operations in Africa and helps them develop solutions that meet their financing, strategic and investment objectives.

MCB Group

Established in 1838, MCB Group is the largest bank in Mauritius and an increasingly prominent financial institution in Africa. The group is engaged in a comprehensive range of activities including retail, corporate, investment and private banking.

Apart from Mauritius, the group is present through full-fledged banks in Madagascar, Maldives, Seychelles, Réunion and Mozambique, and has representative offices in Johannesburg, Nairobi, Dubai and Paris.

MCB Group is listed on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius with total assets of over MUR 400 billion (US$11 billion) and a market capitalisation of approximately US$2 billion. It has close to 20,000 local and foreign shareholders, and 3,400 employees.

Inspired by Africa

Masks have long been used across many cultures as a way to imbue the wearer with the necessary insights and attributes to achieve their goals, whether it be the wisdom of the leader, healing powers of the doctor or courage of the warrior.

Inspired by this ancient tradition, we commissioned the design of five African masks in 2018 in order to bring our core values to life and to remind us of our inextricable links to the African continent.

  • The Mask of Passion represents our enthusiasm for what we do and the commitment to deliver on our promises to our clients.
  • The Mask of Knowledge embodies the acknowledgement that our profession is about bringing expertise to clients and the need for our staff to be among the best in their field.
  • The Mask of Rigour signifies our hard working culture and quest to deliver beyond clients’ expectations.
  • The Mask of Change represents the agility that is essential to keep up with a fast changing world and to adapt to local business practices.
  • The Mask of Unity symbolises our belief that we are stronger together and reflects our desire to working hand in hand with clients to help them achieve their goals.


About the Masks

The masks were created by CIRCUS Advertising in collaboration with leading South African designer, Mzi Swaartbooi. They were then carved and crafted to perfection in Mauritius by Guy Noel Verny, a local craftsman.

Guy Noel Verny

Started working at the age of 19 as a commercial crane operator and has never received formal training in art. In 2010, he began carving when he found a piece of wood underneath a car, building shelves and furniture for his own home, and soon fell in love with the craft. Today, Guy Noel can be found at Caudan Waterfront in Port-Louis, the capital of Mauritius, crafting piece after piece that tell the story of the island. His passion and love for his work can be felt in every piece of art that he creates.

Mzi Swartbooi

Hailing from Cape Town, South Africa, Mzi is a talented and well known illustrator who has created illustrations for many well-known local brands. He prides himself on his localism and loves to celebrate African insights in all of his work. Having worked in various advertising agencies from 2005, Mzi has proven himself to be a good asset to have in any organisation. His track record includes a bronze Cannes Lion, two bronze Loeries.

Some call him the strong silent type; some call him an enigma. He is just a quiet creative, always trying to better his craft and maintain a place in the creative industry.